Muskelaufbau mit Testosteron

Muscle Building with testosterone hormones and hormone levels are crucial if you have an energetic muscular body, or rather a thin and soft aspect. For muscle building hormone testosterone is primarily responsible, as it has the strongest influence on the growth of muscles. Most bodybuilders use testosterone to support muscle growth and building athletic performance. What are the benefits of testosterone in the blood? • Anabolic and muscle-building effect • More power and performance • Increased libido • Increases the love of life • Faster recovery of proteins • Affects the Body As regards the impact on the physique, it is by testosterone fat in problem areas, such as in men the hip and mainly those pesky pounds on the thighs and buttocks, better distributed in women. The growth of hair, bone density, as well as the formation of new bone are strongly supported by this hormone. Testosterone has an important impact in terms of the Fettstoff- and sugar metabolism, people with too little testosterone also put so much faster unwanted fat on. Why is funded by testosterone muscle building? Normally the own testosterone levels is not sufficient to promote muscle growth. Women produce about 2-3 mg daily, men on average at least twice, so the male sex in general is also much more muscular than females. If you have a low testosterone level is generally not able to build muscle, not even when daily tedious and sometimes even painful strength exercises already carried out alone in despair. Testosterone has a stimulating effect on muscle growth, which is why more and more athletes rely on this beneficial hormone. It makes muscle cells with many nuclei and rather long fibers. By the anabolic effect of protein metabolism is affected, thus affecting the synthesis of muscle proteins positive effect and thus the structure of the muscles is actively encouraged. How should we train to build muscle when taking testosterone? Although testosterone is very important for building muscle, muscle mass naturally also depends on appropriate training. To increase the testosterone levels in addition to specific training, exercises are recommended with rather low reps and heavy weights. The muscles to be stimulated by this type of exercise in which small breaks after each repetition of 2 or 3 minutes is sufficient. Since muscles usually grow not only by testosterone and the corresponding strength training, the regeneration phase is very important. Exercises with heavy weights as a "normal person", not as a professional strength athletes, should not be performed more frequently than 1 or 2 times a week. Muscles grow with the necessary exercises, a proper diet with high testosterone levels, as well as sufficient time for regeneration, ie, adequate sleep and 1-2 days to allow the trained muscles to recover. What is an androgen? Androgens are substances (natural or synthetic) are available for the maintenance and development of male features, that sex hormones. They are also called androgenic hormones or testoids, the best known and most important androgen is testosterone. Were discovered in 1936 androgens, anabolic steroids were given as early as World War II prisoners of war weakened for a better and faster recovery. Due to the excellent protein building effect they have been used for the treatment for anemia and muscle atrophy effectively, as well as in sports to improve performance of athletes. In the synthetic preparation of undesirable side effects usually be kept very low in order to guarantee an anabolic effect.

Hormone und der Hormonspiegel sind entscheidend, ob man einen energiegeladenen muskulösen Körper hat,  oder eher einen dünnen und weichen Aspekt. Für den Muskelaufbau ist vorwiegend das Hormon Testosteron verantwortlich, da es den stärksten Einfluss auf das Wachstum der Muskeln hat. Die meisten Kraftsportler verwenden Testosteron, um den Muskelaufbau und die sportlichen Leistungen aufbauend zu unterstützen.

Welche Vorteile hat Testosteron im Blut?

  • Anabole und muskelaufbauende Wirkung
  • Mehr Kraft und Leistung
  • Verstärkte Libido
  • Erhöht die Lebenslust
  • Schnellere Verwertung der Proteine
  • Beeinflusst den Körperbau

Was die Beeinflussung auf den Körperbau angeht, so wird durch Testosteron das Fett an den Problemzonen, wie bei Männern die Hüfte und bei Frauen vorwiegend die lästigen Pfunde an den Oberschenkeln und am Gesäß, besser verteilt. Auch das Wachstum der Haare, die Knochendichte, sowie die Neubildung von Knochen werden durch dieses Hormon stark unterstützt. Testosteron hat einen wichtigen Einfluss was den Fettstoff- und Zuckerstoffwechsel angeht, Menschen mit zu wenig Testosteron setzen deshalb auch viel schneller unerwünschtes Fett an.

Warum wird durch Testosteron der Muskelaufbau gefördert?

Normalerweise reicht der eigene Testosterongehalt nicht aus, um den Muskelaufbau zu fördern. Frauen produzieren ca. 2-3 mg täglich, Männer im Durchschnitt mindestens das Doppelte, weshalb das männliche Geschlecht in der Regel auch viel muskulöser ist, als das weibliche. Wer einen niedrigen Testosteronspiegel hat,  ist generell auch nicht in der Lage Muskeln aufzubauen, auch dann nicht, wenn man täglich mühsame und teilweise sogar qualvolle Kraftübungen schon alleine aus Verzweiflung durchführt. Testosteron wirkt sich stimulierend auf den Muskelaufbau aus, weshalb immer mehr Sportler auf dieses vorteilhafte Hormon zurückgreifen. Es bildet Muskelzellen mit zahlreichen Zellkernen und eher langen Fasern. Durch die anabole Wirkung wird der Eiweißstoffwechsel beeinflusst, was sich auf die Synthese der Muskelproteine positiv auswirkt und somit der Aufbau der Muskeln aktiv gefördert wird.